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Wire & Cable

Cables are designed according Local and International standards for wide variety of uses like AC Power transmission, DC power Transmission, data transferring….

PVC is so far the dominated solution for insulation and jacket for cable industry. But along with the global sustainability trend, PVC is designated as the poison plastic by Greenpeace due to its hazardous in processing, use and disposal, the market hope an alternative environmental friendly solution.

To address this market requirement going green, SABIC developed alternative solutions across the Wire & Cable industry.


  • VW-1 (vertical flame test)
  • Good mechanical, low and high temperature and aging performance
  • Flexibility and low hardness
  • Non-halogenated
  • RoHS / Reach compliance and phosphate, red phosphorus free


  • AWM 80C wire (typical DC/data cable)
  • AWM 105C wire (typical internal hook-up wire)
  • UL62 AC power cord
  • PSE standard / AC power cord
  • Low smoke / FR AC power cord
  • Communication Cable
  • UL224 non-shrinkage tube
  • Fiber optic cable

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