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Crash and Chassis

Light, strong, and safe

Chassis engineers always seek new ways to add strength and reduce weight, without compromising crashworthiness. At SABIC, our portfolio of solutions and experts in design, predictive engineering, prototyping, and validation can help.

Weight reduction

Chassis parts make up 60 to 65 percent of vehicle mass, representing a significant opportunity to reduce weight. Our experts know how to use thermoplastics, composites and hybrid materials to achieve these weight reductions. 


Developing crash counter-measures is an area of great importance, especially in applications like front and rear bumpers and “body-in-white” structures. SABIC has decades of experience in crash and energy management solutions that account for pedestrian safety and low-speed vehicle damageability.


  • Pedestrian safety 
  • Low-speed impact/damageability 
  • Structural rigidity 
  • Impact performance 
  • Crashworthiness 
  • Occupant safety 
  • Weight reduction 
  • Cost reduction 
  • Part integration


  • Pedestrian energy absorbers 
  • Undertrays 
  • Upper bolsters/energy absorbers 
  • Bumper beams 
  • Crash cans 
  • Rail extensions 
  • Fascia reinforcements 
  • All-plastic front-end modules 
  • Bumper brackets 
  • Plastic-metal hybrids for body-in-white components (A/B/C pillars, floor rockers, floor cross bars, etc.) 
  • Plastic-composite hybrids
  • Tyres

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