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REACH is a chemicals management regulation of the European Union. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. It entered into force on 1 June 2007, and has been implemented in a stepwise approach. Under the REACH Regulation, companies are responsible for providing information on the hazards, risks and safe use of chemical substances that they manufacture or import. Companies register this information with ECHA (European Chemicals Agency in Finland), who makes selected information freely available on their website ( So far, thousands of the most hazardous and the most commonly used substances have been registered.

Our vision on REACH

Chemicals are the cornerstone of our society. While we realize that chemicals are essential to our contemporary way of living, at the same time we have to take care to produce and use them in a safe way. As a responsible manufacturer and importer of chemicals, SABIC cares for the safety and health of people and the environment, and compliance with REACH is merely a logical step.

REACH will encourage the industry to innovate and either to replace substances of very high concern by suitable alternatives, or use them in a way in which risks are adequately controlled.

SABIC fully supports the REACH objectives, which entirely tally with our EHSS policy. It is our policy to minimize the risks associated with our production activities and products, and to continuously improve their safety, health, and environmental performance. SABIC will cooperate with co-producers, suppliers, and customers to achieve our REACH goals.

REACH is a license to operate and a prerequisite for the European industry to market their products in the EU. The EU chemicals industry will benefit, as will SABIC, from a single EU regulatory system for existing and new chemicals. REACH will create a higher level of protection from risks of chemicals for EU citizens, resulting in human health benefits and lower medical expenses.

REACH will be a challenge for the chemical industry. It will lead to an increase of knowledge and expertise regarding chemical substances with all stakeholders involved. All chemical substances in Europe will be comprehensively documented, including risk assessments. SABIC will incorporate this additional information, as far as necessary and appropriate, in the Safety Data Sheets of their products.

REACH registration
SABIC is fully committed to supporting and fulfilling the REACH requirements and objectives to ensure continued availability of products for our customers.

SABIC has successfully registered all required chemical substances to allow continued manufacture, use, and import of SABIC products into the EU by selected European SABIC Legal Entities. Also, SABIC is actively preparing for future registration needs, and SABIC continues to participate in Substance Information Exchange Forums (SIEFs) and consortia.

Please note that obtained REACH registration numbers are linked with SABIC legal entities established within the EU registering the substance and the formulation of this substance. SABIC REACH registration numbers do not cover the import of substances into the European Union by non-SABIC companies.

REACH registration numbers are –if applicable- communicated through our Safety Data Sheets.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets for SABIC products have been adapted to meet REACH format standards.

For selected products, Safety Data Sheets can be obtained at the website by first selecting the relevant product:

For hazardous chemicals, Safety Data Sheets are provided to customers automatically with first shipment or after significant changes in the documents.


The Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation (CLP) introduces into the EU the globally harmonised system for classifying and labelling chemicals. This means that the same system is now used throughout the world. This will enable workers and consumers to become more familiar with the symbols and to get to know the effects of chemicals and know how to use products safely. International trade in chemicals will also be easier, as the standards for transportation and supply will be the same world-wide.

Companies need to notify ECHA of the classification and labelling that they use for their chemicals. So far, ECHA has received millions of these notifications. The information is freely available on the website (


ECHA works together with the European Commission and the EU Member States for the safety of human health and the environment by identifying the needs for regulatory risk management at an EU-wide level. The Member States or ECHA (at the request of the Commission) initiate the identification of substances of very high concern and restrictions, and Industry can submit applications for authorisation.

The identification of a substance as Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) and its inclusion in the Candidate List is the first step of the authorisation procedure.

SABIC continually reviews its database of approved raw materials and identifies the use of any of these candidate substances as a raw material to produce finished goods within the EU or to produce finished goods which SABIC brings into the EU as importer of record. If we were to determine that an SVHC is used, all attempts would be made to eliminate the material and/or find a substitute. Any relevant SVHC information will be conveyed through updated Safety Data Sheets.

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